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ROC Competition

Oct 12

What is a ROC competition?
A ROC competition is an opportunity for ALL Girls & Boys Gym Jam, TNT and Aerial Acrobatics Classes to show off routines in a meet type setting. All the Boys, Girls and TNT classes will be learning routines on each event during class.

The events for each group are as follows:
Girls Gym Jam: Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor
Boys Gym Jam: Vault, High Bar, P-Bars, Vault, Floor, and Pommel
TNT:  Tumbling, Tramp routine, and Agility circuit
Aerial Acrobatics: A group routine AND an individual routine

When is the ROC competition?
We will hold our VERY first ROC competition on Saturday October 12th @ 3:30 PM at Kids First Sport Center. This is brand new for us, so please plan for extra time.  We want to give every kid the opportunity to do their routines on each event.

How much is the ROC competition:
The price to participate is $30.00 per student.  This cost covers staff expenses, goodies at each event and a small prize for each student participating in the event.

What should my child wear?
Your child should come in whatever he or she wears to class.

Will there be spectator fees?
There will be NO spectator fees!  The $30.00 per student will be the only cost.

When is the deadline for enrolling for this competition?
The deadline to enroll is Saturday October 5th, 2019.  Enrollment will begin September 7th!  You can enroll via the hospitality desk.

Cory Danner: or Marty Wagner


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