Boys Gym Jam FAQs

1. What if I miss a class?

Kids First gives you the flexibility of two make-up lessons per Term. Just call our Hospitality team (513-489-7575) and schedule a make-up class on another convenient day and time.

2. Is my boy to old to start gymnastics?

We have boys of all ages in our gymnastics programs. You’re never to old to have fun!

3. Socks or barefoot?

Barefoot is preferable, both are OK.

4. When will my child move to the next level?

Each athlete is being evaluated in every class. When your boy is ready for more challenges, a higher level class will be recommended by his coach.

5. How can my boy progress more quickly?

Practice does make perfect, so we encourage the boys to take more than one class a week. If they love it why not do it more?!

6. Can my boy go into a 1st grade class if he’s still in Kindergarten?

Yes. After first trying a class, the teacher will talk to you whether Boys Gym Jam or Kinder Bees is the best fit.

7. How many students can be in one class?

Eight is the average. Sometimes classes are smaller and sometimes a little bigger, but we always work to create the best learning environment for each class.

8. What’s the Developmental Program?

All developmental programs are by invitation only and are a feeder to the competitive program.

9. Is competitive team the only path?

We know competition isn’t for everyone. We do have a Recreational Team that allows boys to continue to have fun learning gymnastics and developing overall fitness through High School.

10. Can anyone join the Recreational Team?

The Rec Team an Invitation-only classes. Our goal is to place each athlete in the class that sets him up for the most success.

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