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Even though Kids First has high–level, competitive athletic teams, we believe that EVERY child should be allowed the dignity of being an athlete.

In Girls Gym Jam you’ll see children performing at accomplished levels of gymnastics and those performing at fundamental levels. Our emphasis is not on who’s the fastest, the strongest or the best, but on the adventure of growth and learning.

We use gymnastics achievement to inspire your child to enjoy learning—to crave it. Not just in gym class but at home, at school, whether they’re climbing a tree or doing math homework—learning is life’s highest adventure!

In Girl’s Gym Jam we believe that for a child to embrace physical education as an integral part of their lifestyle, it must be challenging, it must be intriguing and it must be fun! The essential ingredient of “fun” increases a child’s learning retention and makes any learning situation engaging and memorable.


We’re not just about “gymnastics” or “cartwheels.” At Girls Gym Jam, our actual product is a healthier mental, physical and emotional lifestyle for your child. We build for the future. Our students are taught to break down their dreams into manageable steps rather than huge, overwhelming goals that can bring failure and frustration.

In this fashion, Gym Jammers learn...

How to be responsible for and help themselves.

Problem Solving and Decision Making:
How to think through their challenges to make mature, responsible decisions.

How to overcome even the largest obstacles through perseverance and believing in themselves.

Positive Esteem & Positive Self–image:
They learn self–respect and internalize self–worth from accomplishing their planned goals

Building these qualities through gymnastics achievement enhances a child’s resiliency and ability to excel in any sport or any situation.

Now do you see why Gym Jam is more than just “Cartwheels?”



You are entrusting us with your most precious possessions, your children. You want dedicated people who care, people of responsibility, people continually learning and growing to meet your child’s needs and guide them through the months and years of their gymnastics journey.

Gym Jam teachers are role models. We know children tend to emulate and imitate the “significant others” in their lives. That’s why we pick our teachers carefully to provide you with the most positive, encouraging influences for your child. They are each a unique part of a special family--here to serve special families.

And... our teachers are just fun! We choose our teachers not by their gymnastics trophies, but by their CHARACTER. They’re lively, creative beings, knowledgeable in what excites children to learn and want to learn more. Watch ‘em smile. Watch ‘em laugh. Watch their mental wheels turn as they crank out new ideas to make each lesson memorable and challenging for their students. Just one look tells your theirs is truly a labor of love.

GIRLS GYM JAM SPECIAL EVENTS happen all year ‘round!


  • Who: Gym jam students and non-students 1st grade and up.
  • When: 3 action-packed days, Check back for upcoming dates
  • What: Indoor Fun including Gymnastics, Games and Snacks and Outdoor Fun including Rock climbing wall, Mini-Golf and Bi-level playground

Theme Weeks!

Every month Kids First’s Gym Jammers experience a special theme week to add even more adventure to our weekly learning formula.

  • Holiday themes
  • Fun themes like “Beach”, “Pajama” or “Circus Week.”
  • Skill related themes like “Backwards/Upside Down” or “Obstacle Course Week.”

All our theme weeks fuse gymnastic lessons with the bonus fun of theme props, music and theme-related activities. 

Girl’s Night In!

The event Gym Jammers wait for every term....

One Saturday each term, from 6:00 - 9:00pm, Gym Jammers revel in three solid hours of fantastic, physical fun. Different from a class setting, we ‘up’ the fun-level of gymnastics with added games, obstacle courses, giant climbable inflatables, snack time and two tons of fun!

Student Achievement EXPOS! - Coming May 2015

Every spring, Girls Gym Jam proudly hosts our annual Student Achievement EXPOS! This is the highlight of every student’s gymnastics year!

Every class participates in an Olympic–style gymnastics exhibition. Each student performs their gymnastics achievements before their parents, relatives and friends (and their cameras and videos.) We climax the show with a dramatic award presentation where students receive gold medals and certificates for their accomplishments!

Mark your calendar for an emotional, prideful experience your family will treasure forever!


Ms. Joyce,
Thank you so much for everything that you do for the kids at Kids First Sports Center. Jordan came home so happy last night.  The self esteem that you are building in these little girls is amazing. I just want Jordan to grow and be happy, and to enjoy what she chooses to do. thank you.
- Ashley Schrand 02/2012 -

Although all of the coaches in my daughter’s 1st & 2nd grade class were terrific, there was one outstanding. Miss Joyce showed by example, made sure the student understood, and if not she would re-coach. She is superb. Shelby liked her best too.
- Susan Teeter 06/2012 -

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