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Ninja has quickly become one of the fastest growing sports across the country for kids and adults. Imagine a workout that combines intense physical activity and endless challenge with enjoyment and thrill!

Welcome to FLY KIDS.

Why we LOVE Fly Kids…Fly Kids provides an environment that embraces struggle and challenge while inspiring, encouraging, and teaching athletes to persevere. Unique to Ninja, our Fly Kids approach offers athletes the opportunity to creatively problem solve through challenges, leading to confident kids who can think through difficult obstacles in the gym and in life.

Progressive Lesson Plans

The Fly Kids curriculum has been designed to progressively teach athletes how to swing, climb, jump, and balance safely and with confidence. By teaching ninjas to embrace life’s struggles (rather than removing them), we are building strength and independence that will last well beyond the gym.

Fly Kids will face challenges that seem impossible. They may fail at obstacles more times than they succeed. They may be knocked down, burnt out, and pushed out of their comfort zone…and each time they will have a supportive Fly Kids coach encouraging and supporting them to get up and try again.

Some run. We FLY!

Class Descriptions

~All classes are 60 minutes

Mini Flyers
6-8 Years Old
This high energy Ninja class uses activity circuits to develop basic swinging, climbing, jumping, and balance skills found in all levels of Ninja. Our Mini Flyers courses combine strength skills with hanging obstacles and introductory Parkour elements to challenge kids’ brains and bodies, inspiring them to conquer obstacles in and out of class.

Junior Flyers
9-11 Years Old
The obstacles for our Junior Flyers are modified to create challenge and will require courage, perseverance, and hard work to conquer. Dedicated strength and conditioning elements of this class will help prepare Junior Flyers for healthy competition against the clock and against other ninjas. Courses include familiar American Ninja Warrior challenges, Parkour development & strength/speed activities.

Ace Flyers
11-13 Years Old
Ace Flyers combines advanced hanging obstacles with Parkour skills for 60 minutes of intense fun. This class integrates basic fundamentals of both American Ninja Warrior style ninja training and Free Running to develop balance, strength, power, and precision necessary for successful ninja runs. Each class offers the opportunity for ninjas to advance through a series of challenges and obstacles toward their quest of mastering courses specifically designed for Ace Flyer Fly Kids!

Master Flyers
14-17 Years Old
Master Flyers is the perfect class for young adults who want to sharpen their fast thinking, problem solving skills while breaking through physical challenges. By combining power, precision, balance, and momentum, our Masters will race against the clock and other Ninjas in an effort to reach their maximum potential. Each class will offer opportunities to build strength and coordination, conquer a variety of American Ninja Warrior style obstacles, and improve their Parkour abilities.


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