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“From bows to toes” in the Kids FIrst Cheerleading program, we...

  • offer a positive and age appropriate environment for learning cheerleading related skills. Encouraging not discouraging
  • teach progressions and proper technique to ensure safety.
  • help our athletes set realistic goals for themselves, teaching that success does not come without careful planning & hard work.


Some straight talk about cheerleading: In this age of reality TV shows and rampant sensationalism, Kids First Cheerleading takes a giant step forward by taking a small step back... Revealing uniforms, overdone makeup and suggestive dance moves have become commonplace in the cheer world... but that’s where we break away from the pack! We prefer to maintain a wholesome, value-centered, educational approach to cheer. Our focus remains on safety, teamwork, relationships and the amazing health benefits of cheer. Face it, children grow up fast enough—we choose to make the childhood years a natural, untainted adventure... without artificial additives.


The QCS Hip Hop program started with a half season senior team in 2013. In 2014 the program grew to two full season teams. Starting the 2015 season we now have four full season teams. Last season our senior hip hop team received a bid to Dance Worlds! This program has grown from 8 athletes to over 50 athletes in just two short years! Come be a part of this amazing, and fast-growing dance program. Joining a prep team is the best way to introduce your daughter or son to hip hop. We are looking for athletes ages 9 to 14 years old in hopes of creating a junior age prep hip hop team. They will earn the basic fandamentals of hip hop dance, along with beginner level tricks.

Come Join Us! 
When: Date to be announced

Hurricane HeroesHURRICANE HEROES - Special Needs Cheer Team at Queen City Storm

Why Special Needs Cheer? 

  • Teach importance of team unity, friendship and exercise
  • Work on fine and gross mother development
  • focus on goal oriented learning opportunities while having fun
  • enables young adults and children to benefit from participation in a team sport in a safe and structured environment

All about Coach Katie!
Katie Maclin will be the head coach of Hurricane heroes! Katie is a former high school competitive and sideline cheerleader. She also is an experienced Intervention Specialist who has worked with individuals from Pre-K to High school. Katie is an eager coach and can't wait to get this season started! 
Questions for Katie? Email Coach Katie at




Our enthusiastic teachers live for cheerleading! All have a cheer or gymnastics backgrounds, including competitive or college cheerleaders. They know what it takes to make a team and have the passion and drive to get you there. Whether for tumbling or tryouts, our teachers have a love for children that shows in their interactions with each young athlete.

Queen City Storm Competitive Cheer Tryouts

Storm Tryouts


Department Leader

Heather Zumberge

Heather Zumberge has been the Department Leader and the Competitive Cheer Program Director at Kids First since Aug. 2005.

Born and raised in rural Celina, Ohio, Heather cheered for her hometown team, the Celina Bulldogs from 4th grade until she graduated High School. From there Heather attended The University of Toledo where she cheered for three years. She graduated with a major in Sales and Marketing.

After graduating High School, Heather spent her summers working for Universal Cheerleaders Association. (UCA is a cheerleading company that teaches cheers, chants, stunts, and dances to Elementary thru High School cheerleaders.) Through this company she met Sean Cotterman, the former Kids First Cheer Department Leader, who was moving to Cleveland and looking for someone to replace him at Kids First. The minute Heather stepped into the gym and met the girls she knew that moving to Cincinnati to pursue a position at Kids First was meant to be.

Along with being the Department Leader for Cheer, Heather is a Cheer Class Instructor, and Cheer Team Coach. She also teaches for the Tumble Bee program. She feels blessed to be able to work with kids.

Things you should know about Heather:

  • She loves the color purple and zebra print!
  • Enjoys riding her bike, camping, going to the dog park, trying new things, and playing games on her phone
  • Has two dogs Chuy and Tucker
  • She is left handed
  • Favorite food is Pad Thai
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