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Cheerleading Partner Stunt Classes


Our main goal at Toss & Tumble Academy is to prepare athletes for collegiate cheerleading. While our focus is to teach both girls and boys how to perform basic to advanced co-ed partner stunts, we also work with our athletes on everything from tumbling, baskets, pyramids, cheers and fight songs. TTA offers a safe, fun, and competitive environment where all of our athletes can become the best versions of themselves. Toss & Tumble Academy offers weekly classes, private sessions, clinics and college nights. We will also be hosting TOSS competitions; a new form of competitive partner stunting. See even more at our TTA website.

Kat and RyanMEET OUR FOUNDERS: The people that make it happen…

Toss & Tumble Academy was founded by two University of Cincinnati cheerleaders, Ryan Blanford and Kat Kemner. Ryan and Kat specialize in co-ed partner stunting, and have extensive knowledge on elite stunts. Ryan has competed at UCA Nationals in Orlando, Florida for four years and Kat for one year.  This past season they helped lead the UC Bearcats to a sixth place finish out of 23 collegiate D-1A teams. They are also currently training for the 2017 NCA partner stunt competition in Daytona, Florida.

Ryan is finishing his electrical engineering undergrad from the University of Cincinnati, and has cheered at UC for five years. He will be continuing his education at UC in the Sport Administration graduate program and will continue to cheer for one more year. Ryan played football at Dayton-Carroll High School prior to cheering in college.

Kat is going into her sophomore year at the University of Cincinnati where she is currently studying English for her undergrad. She made the varsity cheerleading squad and the competition team as a first year. Kat was a gymnast for eight years before she started her cheerleading career. She practiced gymnastics at Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy and Queen City Gymnastics. She is a graduate of Loveland High School. 


Do you teach private lessons?
Yes! Private lessons for both partner stunt and tumbling are available to all athletes.  Please schedule via our TTA website or contact us at TTA to set up a private lesson.

How do I sign up for regular classes?
Kids First will handle all our regular class enrollment.  Please contact Kids First Hospitality Team at 513.489.7575 to sign up for a Toss & Tumble class today. Online enrollment through Kids First coming soon.

When are clinics/college nights and how do I sign up?
All clinics/college nights will be posted on our TTA website.  There may be pre-registration but walk-ins will always be encouraged.  More details will be provided on our website as the events occur.

Do I need any prior experience?
Absolutely not! We are completely open to beginners and love to start from the ground up with our students.

What Should I wear?
Athletic clothes that you feel comfortable in, and shoes in which you can stunt/tumble. Cheer shoes are preferred for females!

Do you coach all girl?
While our expertise is not in all girl stunting, we are always looking to expand our knowledge and would be happy to help, or take on an all-girl group.


Cheerleading Partner Stunt Classes


Contact Us:
Ryan Blanford:  (937)-708-1492
Kat Kemner:  (513)-502-0230

Department Leader

Ryan Branford & Kat Kemner:

Ryan Blanford:

Ryan started privately coaching co-ed cheer starting back in 2012 and knew that he wanted to take the idea further in the future. He met Kat in the summer of 2015 once she came onto the University of Cincinnati cheer team. They both shared a strong work ethic and passion for collegiate cheerleading. After a year of training together they decided to form Toss & Tumble Academy in April 2016. Kids First was an obvious choice to begin their dream.

Ryan began his cheerleading career during his first year at the University of Cincinnati. Coming from a football background, Ryan knew very little in regards to game day or competitive cheer. He started off on the JV squad and after a long year he was moved up to the competitive varsity squad. During these past few years Ryan has increased his skills significantly. Ryan has competed in the UCA college cheer nationals for the past four years and was a team captain for two years.  In those four years, Ryan helped lead the UC cheer team to two 6th place finishes. He will continue his cheer career one final year.

Ryan just recently majored in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Electronics.  For 2016-2017 he will be getting his masters in Sport Administration from UC while being a graduate assistant in the Student-Athlete Support Services office. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Liz Blanford. She is studying to be a Physical Therapist at UC.  They live in the Colerain area with their cat Tibbs. Ryan graduated from Dayton Carroll High School and was raised in Xenia, OH by his parents Doug and Linda.  He has one older brother, Justin, and one younger sister, Lindsey.

Kat Kemner:

Kat was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She grew up in the small town of Loveland, and attended Loveland High School.

Kat has been involved in acrobatics for as long as she can remember. She was a gymnast from a the age of two, and has a passion for tumbling. Kat transitioned from gymnastics to cheerleading in middle school. Kat enjoys almost any sport, and took many classes at Kids First. She did everything from ballet to basketball. As senior year approached, she realized she wanted to cheer in college, and found her place at the University of Cincinnati. Kat is going into her second year as a Cincinnati cheerleader.

During her first year of college cheerleading, she trained with fellow teammate Ryan Blanford. The two decided later that year to join forces and create “Toss & Tumble Academy.” Their company focuses on co-ed stunting, and preparing girls and boys for college cheerleading.

Kat’s hopes to teach kids by motivating them, and build their self esteem while teaching them valuable skills. Kat thinks that learning should be fun, and to be succeed in cheerleading and all sports, you must love and have a passion for what you're doing.

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