Trampoline & Tumbling Teams
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Trampoline & Tumbling Teams

Team Mission Statement

To be the premier program in our region while also providing the opportunity for the athletes to obtain the highest goals their commitment level will allow.


Over the years, QCTNT members have learned that there is much more to Trampoline and Tumbling than sport. There is the energy that comes with physical conditioning; the fun of competition; the sense of effort and friendship; the realization that work and discipline in a fun first environment can lead to the pleasures of achieving personal goals; the confidence that comes with mastering something you couldn't do before; and the good feeling of just being in an exhilarating atmosphere and knowing you did a good job! Our students have learned too that the habits of discipline, hard work, and commitment to goals they acquire as members in our program carry over into their school work and their lives as a whole. Everyone who sticks in and tries is a winner, even long after they have grown from the walls of QCTNT.


  • Strengthens Vestibular System
  • Removal of toxins from the cells
  • Unique strength training edge
  • Mass appeal
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Minimal impact exercise
  • Unrivaled fun


  • Develop happy, healthy, responsible athletes - Queen City/Kids First Mission Statement.
  • Safety through progressions – Keep the kids safe with attention to detail and proper sequential instruction, understand the sports progression and rules.
  • Fun First, skills second - Build confidence through fitness and fun.
  • Form first and skills second -safe environment and to raise the child’s level of self-confidence through achievement.
  • Self Esteem is earned not given - Our coaching goal for this program is to use the sport of trampoline and tumbling as a mechanism to develop intrinsic motivation.
  • Marathon Mentality - The character skill of delayed gratification is absent with many youths today. There is no better way than sports progression over a period of years to equip the kids with the ability to delay gratification in favor of the greater achievement. Coach the kids with the long term in mind; never short change them for short term glory.
  • Friendly, Fun, Fair but Firm - Discipline mantra combined with the Kids First Teaching Principles discipline statement.

For more information on our team program, including selection of team members and structure/program explanations, see our website >>

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