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2022 Summer Camp Brochure

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CAMP-A-PALOOZA is Greater Cincinnati’s most talked about summer camp experience!

Why? Four words: Kids First Sports Center... 108,000 square feet of kids sports heaven! Imagine a summer camp taking place in the country’s largest children’s activity center with exceptional instruction in the most popular children’s recreational pursuits:

  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Taekwondo
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Cheer
  • Ninja
  • Trampoline & Tumbling
  • Fencing
  • Abrakadoodle art classes

But that’s just the beginning! We also feature over an acre of outdoor fun created especially for the kids of Camp-a-Palooza:

  • Rock climbing wall!
  • Two story climbing playground!
  • “Slip n’ Slide Mountain” giant water slide!
  • Horticultural planting station!
  • Covered pavilion for lunches and crafts!
  • Enclosed Dodge Ball Court!


Ask any camper! Camp-a-Palooza counselors are special people chosen for their compassion and love of children. And they’re just plain fun! The majority of camp staff are college–bound to college graduates. All are deeply committed to the care and development of each and every camper. We don’t cut corners in our training. Camp-a-Palooza counselors are American Red Cross CPR and Standard First Aid certified and attend courses in Character Development and Leadership Training.

If you know someone that you feel would be a great fit for our staff, please encourage them to apply! We typically hire staff beginning in February thorough April. For more information, click here. 


Week 1: May 31-June 3 - Aloha Summer! (Field Trip: Castle Skateland)

Week 2: June 6-10 - The Mighty Jungle! (Field Trip: Cincinnati Zoo)

Week 3: June 13-17 - Game Show Mania! (Field Trip: The Web)

Week 4: June 20-24 - Game On! (Field Trip: Boonshoft Museum, K-2nd Gr. & Reds Game, 3rd-7th Gr.)

Week 5: June 27-July 1 - Splish Splash Water Week! (Field Trip: Kirkwood Adventures)

Week 6: July 5-8 - Wacky Science Week! (Field Trip: COSI)

Week 7: July 11-15 - Camp Hollywood! (Field Trip: Young’s Jersey Dairy, K-2nd Gr. & Morgan’s Canoe or Paintball, 5th-7th Gr.)

Week 8: July 18-22 - Creative Campers! (Field Trip: Entertrainment Junction, K-2nd Gr. & Main Event, 3rd-7th Gr.)

Week 9: July 25-29 - Color Wars! (Field Trip: Scallywag Tag)

Week 10: August 1-5 - Pirates and Princesses! (Field Trip: Kings Island)

Week 11: August 8-12 -Tropical Adventure! (Field Trip: Coney Island)

Week 12: August 15-19 - Camp-a-Palooza Backyard Bash! (Field Trip: In-House Inflatables)
+ Kona Ice comes to camp every Friday!
+ Field trips may be rescheduled/cancelled based on availability and state guidelines. In cases of cancellation, alternate field trips or instructional classes at Kids First will be scheduled. No refunds will be offered on the basis of field trip cancellation. 


No add-on surprise costs! Includes all field trips, lunches and sports classes! All inclusive!

  • Times: 9am-4pm weekdays

Extended Hours:

7:00-9:00 am "Wake-Up" Session
$10 per week/ $5 per day (Includes AM Snack at 7:45am)

4:00-6:00 pm "Wind-Down" Session
$10 per week/ $5 per day (Includes PM Snack at 5:00pm)
Camp Only Participant
  • $389 per week
  • $92 daily rate (2 day minimum per week)
The Kids First Family Administration Fee is not required for day camps.


(Only one primary discount can be used per week)

  1. Every third full week attended is 25% off! Attend three full weeks, and your third is 25% off! This discount is automatically applied on your 3rd, 6th, and 9th full week.
  2. Bring A Friend DiscountBring a friend to a full week of camp (non-sibling, new to Camp-A-Palooza) and receive $50 off each.
  3. 10th, 11th and 12th full weeks attended -Attend 9 full weeks of camp? The following discounts apply:
    10th full week: 50% off
    11th full week: 50% off
    12th full week: 50% off

(Can be applied to any week in combination with primary discounts)

1. Sibling Discount -  First child pays full fare.

20% off second child’s tuition.
30% off third child’s tuition.
40% off fourth child’s tuition.
No sibling discount greater than 40% off.

2. Early Bird Discount - (These discounts apply to campers who are currently enrolled in Kids First classes OR who sign up for camp by March 7, 2021. Each camper may use one of these discounts; they cannot be combined)

$25 off full week rate 

Specialty Camps: Experience Hands-On Learning!

*No sibling discounts nor multi week discounts applicable*

Camp-A-Palooza Specialty Camp Programming offers half-day camps for those wishing to expand their knowledge in a specific area or discipline including technology, science, art, among others!

These half-day specialty camps can be done stand alone or combined with our full day Camp-A-Palooza programming for working parents or just for a full day experience!


June 6-10: Treasure Hunt! Art Camp - Provider: Abrakadoodle - Grab your art tools and join us as we travel the world! We will learn about lost and found treasures! We will avoid shark attacks and have fun while we create diamonds, lost ships and write a message in a bottle. Come along and help us find hidden treasures on islands, in palaces and at many other interesting destinations. Bring your imagination as we use a variety of art techniques to design a pirate portrait, a lighthouse, crowns and golden masks! We will play games and make new friends while we follow a treasure map!

     9a-12p (K-3rd gr.)
                                                                                           1-4p (3rd-7th gr.)

     $211 (Specialty Camp Only)
     $419 Full Day (Specialty Camp & Camp-A-Palooza)

June 13-17: Jr MD Camp - Provider: The STEM Lab LLC - The camp where kids are Doctors for a week! This STEAM camp will have kids exploring the world of medicine with hands-on, age-appropriate activities, experiments, biomedical design and creation, crafts, & games.  Campers will learn the basis of first aid techniques and even make their own first aid kit to take home. Older students will get CPR certified too!

     9a-12p (K-2nd gr.)
                                                                                          1-4p (3rd-6th gr.)

     $299 (Specialty Camp Only)
     $494 Full Day (Specialty Camp & Camp-A-Palooza)

June 20-24: Mad About Movies! Art Camp - Provider: Abrakadoodle - You will LOVE this camp if you love movies and the kooky characters, animations and illustrations in them.... from minions to dinosaurs to out of this world environments! Marvelous movies and art together make for some movie madness! Campers learn how movies are made, tell movie stories and recreate favorite movie characters! Explore animation, storyboards, movie music, games and more while making new friends and exploring creative abilities.

     9a-12p (K-3rd gr.)
                                                                                          1-4p (3rd-7th gr.)

     $211 (Specialty Camp Only)
     $419 Full Day (Specialty Camp & Camp-A-Palooza)

June 27-July 1: Mad Scientist - Provider The STEM Lab LLC -From floating plates to colorful explosions and illusionary art, this day camp is all about the crazy and fun side of science! We’ve pulled together our most popular experiments in this camp which has been proven to get kids curious about science and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math)

    9a-12p (K-2nd gr.)
                                                                                          1-4p (3rd-6th gr.)

     $299 (Specialty Camp Only)

     $494 Full Day (Specialty Camp & Camp-A-Palooza)   


July 11-15: Art Madness! Art Camp - Provider: Abrakadoodle - Art is everywhere! Look around you! You can find art while digging in the dirt, looking up at the sky, watching a storm and while relaxing at the beach! So many wacky and wonderful things can be created when you set your imagination free. Everything we make is fun: sunset silhouettes, Aboriginal dot art, beach drawings, sculptures and 3D art. We learn about soil layers, sunlight colors, thunderstorms, succulent plants, stained glass and much more. Have a blast playing with colors, lines, shapes, textures and forms while you learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts!

     9a-12p (K-3rd gr.)
                                                                                           1-4p (3rd-7th gr.)

     $211 (Specialty Camp Only)
     $419 Full Day (Specialty Camp & Camp-A-Palooza)


July 18-22 Cooking and Food Exploration Camp-Summer Party Favorites - Provider: New Leaf Kitchen - New Leaf Kitchen’s mission is to nourish young minds and bodies through cooking and food education for all. When children take part in growing and preparing their own food, they learn new skills and are more willing to try new foods.  This camp will explore foods and the process from the root up.  Campers will make healthy snacks using fresh ingredients, practicing food preparation skills and enjoying hands-on art and gardening activities. Recipe Examples: Pizza Bites, Coconut Cream Iced Cream, Black Bean Brownies, Artichoke Dip, Broccoli Tacos, Tempeh Sliders, Chickpea Cookie dough, Herbed Edamame Hummus, Iced figgy Oat Bars, and many more!!

      9a-12p (K-6th gr.)

     $325 (Specialty Camp Only)                                                                           $520 Full Day (Specialty Camp & Camp-A-Palooza)


July 25-29: It’s a Jungle Out There! Art Camp- Provider: Abrakadoodle - Jump with us into this jungle adventure! Bring your best imagination and learn about the rainforest while you create animals, insects, reptiles, flowers and much more. Learn new art techniques and create friendly sloths, toucans, snakes, and piranhas. Find inspiration in the rainforest habitat and its people while you hear about their customs and create a tree house collage. We will have a wild time creating fun art projects, making new friends and playing games!

     9a-12p (K-3rd gr.)
                                                                                           1-4p (3rd-7th gr.)

     $211 (Specialty Camp Only)
     $419 Full Day (Specialty Camp & Camp-A-Palooza)


August 1-5 Abrakadabra! - Provider: Abrakadoodle

Magical art for creative kids! Do you believe in magic? Then this is the camp for you! Get swept up in hocus-pocus fun and arty creative activities! Learn a new magic trick each day! Mix up a new, interesting color for a bubbling magic potion. Create a rabbit; then make him disappear. Use special paper and PRESTO your artwork magically appears. Put on your magic hat and join the FUN! This concoction of art and magic includes ten art and creativity projects along with a caldron of magical activities and games. Abrakadabra is brought to you by Abrakadoodle, winner of seven Nickelodeon Parent Picks awards for the “Best Art Classes to Inspire Your Child’s Inner Picasso.” Join us because you never can tell what might happen when magic is in the air...Oooooh! Did that portrait’s eyes just move?

     9a-12p (K-3rd gr.)
                                                                                           1-4p (3rd-7th gr.)

     $211 (Specialty Camp Only)
     $419 Full Day (Specialty Camp & Camp-A-Palooza)


August 8-12: Cooking and Food Exploration Camp-All Rolled up in Summer!! - Provider: New Leaf Kitchen -New Leaf Kitchen’s mission is to nourish young minds and bodies through cooking and food education for all. When children take part in growing and preparing their own food, they learn new skills and are more willing to try new foods.  This camp will explore foods and the process from the root up.  Campers will make healthy snacks using fresh ingredients, practicing food preparation skills and enjoying hands-on art and gardening activities. Recipe Examples: Cinnamon Rollers, Mashed Pea Pinwheels, Lasagna Roll-ups, Sticky Rice Rolls, Pesto Pizza Rollers, Rolled Citrus Berry Juicers, Veggie Quinoa Sushi, and many more!!

     9a-12p (K-6th gr.)

     $325 (Specialty Camp Only)                                                                           $520 Full Day (Specialty Camp & Camp-A-Palooza)

 Venture Camps

Designed for the young field trip enthusiast! Explore Cincinnati’s best field trip locations including a full day at Kids First Sports Center on Friday!

+ Grades 3-7 only
+ Includes all lunches, transportation and field trip fees!
+ No sibling discounts applicable!

July 11-15 - Thrill Seekers! - For the child who loves roller coasters, video games, extreme wipeouts, dodgeball, laser tag and more!

Mon. July 11:   Top Golf
Tues. July 12:  Coney Island
Wed. July 13:   Paintball or Morgan's Canoe
Thurs. July 14:  Kings Island

Monday-Friday: 9a-4p - 3rd-7th grade - $515

+ Included in our camp price!
+ Pizza Mondays
+ Chick-Fil-A Fridays

Lunches will include:
+ An entree
+ 2 side dishes
+ Drink

Food Allergies & Lunch Discounts
Children with severe (life-threatening) food allergies or picky eaters are recommended to bring their own snacks and lunches. A lunch discount will be provided. Please contact the Camp Director with any severe food allergy questions. No alternative lunches will be provided.
What To Bring Each Day
+ A swimsuit and towel every day!
+ Comfortable clothes for active camp events
+ Shoes appropriate for running, jumping and hiking
+ No open-toed shoes please!
+ Waterbottle (labeled with name)
+ An extra change of clothes

Tax Information

If more than one party is sharing program payment responsibilities for child/children and for tax purposes, you need the tax statement to reflect separate payments made by each party, you must communicate this in advance. Separate billing accounts can be set-up upon registration. We cannot separate accounts to reflect payments made by different parties for a child/family after your child starts the program.

Many parents claim camp expenses on their taxes or get reimbursed through flexible spending or child care reimbursement accounts. If you need the Tax ID number for any reason, please email Julie at

LIT - Leaders In Training Program

The Leaders in Training Program is a leadership development program designed to provide teens with the skills and knowledge to interact and communicate successfully with individuals and lead groups of all ages.

For complete information, click here >>

For more information or specific questions on Summer Camps or LIT, please contact Julie Halusek - 513-489-7575 |


I just wanted to take a moment to let you both know what an incredible experience Daniel had this summer in the LIT program.  He developed skills, refined others and learned a lot about himself during the 6 weeks he was an LIT.  Daniel had only positive things to say about the people, the program, the choices and activities.  Your approach with the teens was ideal and Daniel had a great deal of respect for your staff.  He felt comfortable talking with you if he had any concerns or suggestions and was sure his voice was being heard.  He was part of true team and loved being a role model for the younger campers. Daniel is looking ahead and wants to complete the CIT program in the future, possibly another year of LIT too! 
We want to thank you both for providing such a quality experience for young teens.  There are few programs that offer everything a young teen needs and the LIT program is a gem.  By combining instruction & education, opportunities for fun, spending time with peers, giving back to others and mentoring younger campers, you have created an inspiring blend.  Thanks again for a wonderful summer!  - 08/26/2014 -

I wanted to thank you overall for what a great job you've all done to put this camp together.  My daughter usually takes a while to warm up to new things, but she LOVED her first day at camp.  She couldn't stop talking about all the activities and can't wait to see what's next.  I can't tell you what a relief it is to know that she is happy, trying new things, and in great hands. ~S.Z.

I wanted to let you know how much my son has enjoyed his time at Kids First this summer.  He will be back for some more fun next summer! I also wanted to say thanks to you and your team for accommodating my older son (with some special needs) as well.  I really appreciate the opportunity for him to be involved, though he is hard to persuade to participate in some things, it still means a lot to him and me that he can come. ~S.A.

Cooper really enjoyed the time he's had a camp.  I just wanted you to know that your counselors have been amazing.  Cooper had a particularly great time with Cullan and Eric.  He talked non-stop about how much fun and how awesome they were.  This was his first time attending anything like this, so thank you so much for making this such a fantastic experience. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience!!  We look forward to attending again next summer!  smiley~K.B.

Department Leader

Julie Halusek

Julie will be overseeing our camp department as well as coordinating the Virtual Academy that will be beginning for Kids First families at home.

Julie joins the Kids First team after serving at the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati for the last 10 years and Mercy Healthplex in the years prior. She graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology. She has worked in the recreation field for the last 20 years running sports, camps, aquatic, fitness and membership programs.

Julie is happily married to her husband of 18 years and they have three sons, ages 15, 11 and 9. They all three enjoy playing sports including lacrosse, soccer and baseball. Her children were participants in Tumble Bees when they were little. Julie says, "I love the memories that we made at Kids First. I want to be a part of making memories for other children and their families."

Julie also said, "I want to make summer camp a great experience for kids and parents. I want kids to walk away learning something new and wanting to come back each day excited to be here. I want them to have a friend and feel welcome each day at camp." We are so happy to have Julie joining our team! When you see her for the first time, stop and say hello! smile

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