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In the center of Kids First’s lower level is ‘The Round Wall’-- a circular structure wrapped in photobiographies of the over 175 staff members from each of the many departments that make up Kids First Sports Center.

As you stroll around the wall and scan the bios, you’ll quickly notice our staff is a team of diverse talent from across the U.S. and beyond. Kids First employees hail from Maine to Oregon, Arizona to Massachusetts, Texas to Virginia, even Mexico and Ireland.

  • What draws people from all points to Cincinnati to practice their craft of educating children?
  • Why do Kids First employees drive from as far as Kentucky and Indiana to work each day?

We like to think it’s the Kids First Mission, “To develop happy, healthy, responsible children.”

We like to think it’s because they belong to an amazing team of personalities who specialize in “doing good things for kids.”

And, we like to think that in all the world, there’s no place like Kids First, not just for kids and families, but for employees as well.

Kids First is ALWAYS looking for exceptional people.

We diligently follow our 7 Hiring Mantras in our quest to employ the very best.

#1 - Hire the character, train the skill.
#2 - We shall go short staffed before we go poorly staffed.
#3 - When in doubt, do not hire. 
#4 - Adopt a recruiting mentality - remain in hiring mode 24/7/365.
#5 - Expect to be underwhelmed and hire only those who WOW you (let go of good, hold out for great). 
#6 - Train and lead in a manner so you can hire and promote from within. 
#7 - When you realize a hiring mistake, act swiftly, remembering your duty is to do the greatest good for the greatest number.

At Kids First you can be assured, every Kids FIrst employee has been thoroughly interviewed, assessed, and trained in the Company values (The Kids First 26 Points)

You will find no better educators, hospitality team and mentors anywhere!

How do you become one the Kids FIrst Team?

  • Do you love kids?
  • Are your personal values in alignment with the Kids First Mission?
  • Is your approach to education one that helps “ love to learn”?

Submit an online application along with three letters of character reference to our Human Resources Deptartment.

Email Emilie Fleming, Human Resources Manager, at


Department Leader

Emilie Fleming

We are very excited to announce that Emilie Fleming will be the new Human Resources Manager for Kids First Sports Center, Kids First Too and The Campus at Kids First! Emilie comes to Kids First from the University of Cincinnati where she has been managing Member Services at UC Campus Recreation since 2010. Emilie's role with the University has given her experience in hiring and recruitment, marketing, onboarding and training as well as staff development and engagement. We are thrilled to have Emilie join us and bring her knowledge to our Human Resources office.

Emilie is a Cincinnati native and Sycamore High School graduate. She is married to her college sweetheart Ryan and they have one son, Ryder (almost 3) and a dog named Charlie. She has both a Bachelors and Masters from the University of Cincinnati.

Here is what she had to say about joining our Kids First Team:
"I was immediately drawn to the positivity and family feel of Kids First and am excited to get to know everyone and be a part of the team! First, I want to learn as much as I can about how everything runs. From there, I would like to add organization and processes to HR items that would help the team and bring consistency. I also have experience with trainings that I think would benefit managers in the hiring and training process. I hope to serve as a resource for everyone! "

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