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Welcome to Aerial Arts & Acro!

The Aerial Arts & Acro program provides a safe and fun learning environment for every child that walks through the door! Our instructors will teach young artists and athletes how to safely perform athletic feats in the air as well as fostering an atmosphere that encourages growth both inside and outside of the gym. 

Why Aerial & Acro? 

Aerial and Acro is an ever-growing art form thanks to the popularity of companies such as Cirque du Soleil as well as the rapidly growing community of aerialists on social media. Aerial combines athleticism, strength, flexibility, and artistry and gives both children and adults an unmatchable confidence! Learn how to climb, wrap, flip and twist in a unique and fun environment that you won't find anywhere else!

Classes Offered 

  • Aerial Silks Level 1 : For students with little to no aerial experience, Aerial Silks Level 1 is a perfect fit! Students will learn all of the basics of climbing, spinning, and going upside down in the air. Under the constant supervision of a trained coach, student’s will perform pretty poses, athletic feats, and build strength and flexibility all while having fun!
  • Aerial Silks Level 1 & 2: New to silks, but the level 1 classes don’t fit your schedule? Well, we have options! Our mixed level Silks classes cater to both new students and those who have some experience in the air. How does that work, you ask? Well, after our artists and athletes warm up together, they’ll split into two different groups based on appropriate age & skill level. Students will learn all of the basics of silks, as well as more advanced movements.  For those with aerial experience, our mixed classes are a fantastic way to improve your aerial ability! Whether you want to get to our full level 2 or stay on more of a recreational track, our mixed level class is for you!
  • Aerial Silks Level 2 *Invite Only*: Aerial Silks Level 2 is our first level of invite classes. While our program is recreational, our invite classes are meant for those with experience who want to train aerial skills a little more seriously. Level 2 includes more advanced movements, more flexibility training, and more strength training as well. Students will also start learning how to put together sequences and routines in the air. Do you think your child should be in our level 2 class? Please feel free to reach out to Coach Bobby in person or by email and ask for a skill evaluation! Please note that, along with skill level, attitude and willingness to work hard will be taken into consideration as well.
  • Aerial Silks Level 3 *Invite Only: Aerial Silks Level 3 is our highest level of invite classes. Level 3 is meant for those with experience who are much more serious about their aerial training. While level 2 takes attitude and work ethic into consideration, Level 3 puts a much greater emphasis on both of them. A student with well developed skills, a positive attitude, and a willingness to listen and work is the perfect candidate! Students in level 3 will work more advanced skills, build routines as a collaborative effort between student and teacher, and build tremendous strength and awareness in the air. Evaluations will be performed in our mixed level and level 2 classes. 


Department Leader

Bobby Gomez

 Bobby Gomez is a professional circus artist and coach who is so excited to be working with Kids First to create Cincinnati's premiere Aerial and Acrobatics program! Bobby is trained in Artistic Gymnastics, Musical Theatre Performance, Aerial Straps, Aerial Silks, Lyra and Hand-Balance. He has been performing professionally in the industry for over four years and has been coaching across various disciplines for the past eight years. While he loves to showcase his skillls on stage, his true passion lies in teaching and educating the next generation in a field that he loves so much.

Bobby has been key in developing the Aerial Arts & Acro program with Kids First through the entirety of the planning phase. On top of working with the launch itself, Gomez has written the entirety of the movement curriculum, emphasizing safe and effective exercise progressions that are guaranteed to both challenge and reward students of any age and skill level. Bobby believes that children best succeed in a safe and fun environment that is geared towards building students' confidence through encouragement and positive reinforcement. Above all else, Aerial and Acrobatics are fun and that is how they should be taught!  

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