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Welcome to Aerial Arts & Acro!

The Aerial Arts & Acro program provides a safe and fun learning environment for every child that walks through the door! Our instructors will teach young artists and athletes how to safely perform athletic feats in the air as well as fostering an atmosphere that encourages growth both inside and outside of the gym. 

Why Aerial & Acro? 

Aerial and Acro is an ever-growing art form thanks to the popularity of companies such as Cirque du Soleil as well as the rapidly growing community of aerialists on social media. Aerial combines athleticism, strength, flexibility, and artistry and gives both children and adults an unmatchable confidence! Learn how to climb, wrap, flip and twist in a unique and fun environment that you won't find anywhere else!

What to wear?

We recommend fitted clothing (sleeves, high waisted leggings or pants, pulled back hair).

No jewelry or zippers.

Avoid lotion prior to class.

Classes Offered 

  • Introduction to Aerial Arts and Acrobatics : Little to no aerial experience? Introduction to Aerial Arts is the perfect class for every new student. Students will learn the basics of climbing, spinning, and becoming inverted while in the air.  Learning the fundamentals and technique are key to being safe and to create the aerialist’s foundation leading to progression of skills.
  • Beginner: Beginner aerialist class will strive to master fundamental skills and learn base level combinations. The aerial student will develop personal style through poses and dancing in the air.  Floor work and drills become equally important as airtime to develop strength, flexibility, and performance technique all while the aerialist’s skills continue to progress.
  • Intermediate: The Intermediate Class demands students to show focus about their training and individual growth. The intermediate class strives to develop advanced technique and skills with increased flexibility and strength training.  Students will become more confident with sequences, transitions, and artistry in freestyle. The aerialist’s willingness to work hard and eagerness to learn are taken into consideration before advancement to this level.
  • Advanced: Advanced students have demonstrated dedication to their training, technique, and artistry.  Advanced level aerialist’s show attention to detail and high level work pace.  This class will focus on all aspects of performing aerial arts.  The aerialists will learn advanced sequences and drops as well as strengthen their personal style and artistry.

Adult Classes

Build strength, embrace creativity, and learn how to FLY with our aerial silks! This class will begin with a warm up and stretch. Adult aerialist will learn introductory and beginner poses and tricks and how to spin with control. Students will also learn introductory aerial terminology. Must be 16 yrs and older.

2024 Showcase Dates:

  • Winter: January 27th
  • Spring: April 27th
  • Summer: July 27th
  • Fall: November 2nd

Aerial Parties!

Give your child the gift of excitement and grace as they experience the thrill of floating and twirling in the air!



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