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Does your child like to run?
To climb?
To jump?
To flip?
Does he like to have FUN?

Then Boys Gym Jam is for him!!!

Why do boys love Gym Jam? We have a top notch fully equipped boys gymnastic facility. Each class is taught right in the center of the exciting action. The boys get to see all levels from Beginners to Elite athletes. Through the art of gymnastics we have fun building confidence and muscles!

In Boys Gym Jam we believe that every child can develop a positive attitude towards physical fitness. Every Gym Jammer learns at his own rate without the peer pressure that is often involved with many other team sports. We create a learning environment where the use of encouragement and positive reinforcement helps boys overcome their fears, building confidence, character and self-esteem. We believe that learning should be fun and rewarding and we gauge this by the smiles on their faces. In Gym Jam, we want boys to experience the satisfaction that comes with facing new challenges head-on and the joy one feels when they reach their goal!


  • All boys are treated equal regardless of their athletic abilities.
  • We focus on the individual aspect of the sport rather than as a competitive team.
  • We develop overall body strength and coordination through fun but challenging gymnastic movements.
  • We teach only through positive reinforcement!

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“Family” is the best word that describes the Boys Gym Jam teachers. Most of them have worked together for many years and are truly dedicated to creating happy, healthy, responsible kids. Three of our teachers have grown up at Kids First, starting in Tumble Bees and climbing their way to the top where they are currently part of our boys competitive team program. We now watch these young men with great pride as they teach other children with the principles and values that they’ve learned at Kids First. We take role modeling very seriously in Gym Jam. Everyone is positive and energetic while teaching. We all love working with kids and have as much fun as they do while teaching our classes. We laugh, we smile, we all have FUN together!

Do you have a child who needs help to fully participate in activities?

Discover MERGERS
At Kids First we realize that every child is a kid first. But, they are each on their own person. They all grow and develop differently. Mergers is for children who need extra attention to succeed at first. It is for building their abilities to be able to be independent in the future.

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Dear Mr. Metzger,
This note is one of praise and thanksgiving - for your concept, for your capable staff  from the front door and inward and especially for Marty Wagner.  My husband and I met Marty at your open house last month, introduced by a former participant’s parent.  We explained our many concerns about placing our new ward, our nephew, in Gymnastics.  Diminutive, ADD, working with Pediatric OT on Sensory Input Disorder (SID) and emotionally and academically young - and yet Marty said, “I’ll take him and work with him patiently in a lower grade level.”  And so he has!! 

We are astonished and amazed and tearfully grateful each week we come and watch.  This child can feel success - this child can grow in strength and ability.  Marty is a miracle worker in an environment you created for miracles to happen in!

Thank you so much
(This note was transcribed and names omitted to protect the privacy of the young man)
- 11/17/2010-











Department Leader

Marty Wagner

Marty first started gymnastics by flipping around in his back yard at the young age of eight. After learning many skills at home and scaring his mother frequently, she finally took him to a gymnastics club where he continued his love for gymnastics through high school. He then went to Miami University Oxford for two years, studying Zoology. During his years at College, Marty and a teammate started a gymnastic program for children that lived in the surrounding area and he discovered his true passion for teaching.

Marty started teaching gymnastics at the age of 16 and now has over 25 years of coaching experience. He’s a patient, caring and fun-loving Instructor who loves working with children of all ages.

Along with being the Department Leader for Kids First’s Boys Gym Jam program, he instructs Tumble Bees and is the leader of the Boys Blast program. He also teaches gardening and nature in Camp-a-Palooza summer camp.

Marty is very involved in his community of Kennedy Heights. He founded the Giving Garden of Cincinnati a neighborhood community garden and is currently President. Through the Giving Garden he hopes to teach children about gardening and nature through a Butterfly Raise and Release program. His own private garden has been featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer. He hopes to some day have his garden featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

Marty loves to travel and experience new cultures. He lived in Venezuela for a year and has traveled to Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico and Panama. His love for the rain forest keeps him going back.

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