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In Girls Gym Jam you’ll see children performing at accomplished levels of gymnastics and those performing at fundamental levels. Our emphasis is on the adventure of growth and learning.

We use gymnastics achievement to inspire your child to enjoy learning. Not just in gym class but at home, at school, whether they’re climbing a tree or doing math homework—learning is life’s highest adventure!


We’re not just about “gymnastics” or “cartwheels.” At Girls Gym Jam, our actual product is a healthier mental, physical and emotional lifestyle for your child. We build for the future. Our students are taught to break down their dreams into manageable steps rather than huge, overwhelming goals that can bring failure and frustration.

Do you have a child who needs help to fully participate in activities?

Discover MERGERS
At Kids First we realize that every child is a kid first. But, they are each on their own person. They all grow and develop differently. Mergers is for children who need extra attention to succeed at first. It is for building their abilities to be able to be independent in the future.

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Thank you so much for everything that you do for the kids at Kids First Sports Center. Jordan came home so happy last night.  The self esteem that you are building in these little girls is amazing. I just want Jordan to grow and be happy, and to enjoy what she chooses to do. thank you.
- Ashley Schrand


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