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About Park's TaeKwonDo | About Master Park

About Park's TaeKwonDo

Our goal is to assist our students to reach their fullest potential. Our curriculum is designed to teach your child TaeKwonDo step-by-step and to help them become a Black Belt. Through disciplined practice, your child’s confidence and self-esteem will grow with their pride of accomplishment.

Our entire system is based on building self-confidence: from daily successes in class; to earning new stripes, stars, patches, and belts; to breaking their first board; to the day they become Black Belt. Confidence will soar not only in TKD, but also at home, with friends, and at school.


**All 3 year olds must be evaluated in their first trial class and a decision will be made based on the child's ability to follow directions, etc. 

Uniform purchase will be directly through Master Park.

Uniform pricing: $40 ($20 for former Nishime students)



About Master Park

Master Sun Park's Credentials:

  • Owner of Park's TaeKwonDo since 1998
  • Ohio State TaeKwonDo Champion
  • U.S. National Junior Olympic TaeKwonDo Champion
  • U.S. National TaeKwonDo Team Trial Silver Medalist
  • U.S. National Senior TaeKwonDo Champion
  • Produced and coached Ohio and California State Champions
  • Former Comair Airlines Self-Defense Instructor and Consultant
  • Trained Mason Police Officers
  • Group Fitness (S~Park Fit) Instructor
  • 4x Pump-N-Run Pump Champion (Part of Flying Pig events)



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