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Salle Du Lion Fencing

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Salle Du Lion Fencing Class Descriptions

Beginner class Saturdays, 12:15pm - 1:15pm, ages 6+
Advanced class Saturdays, 1:15pm - 2:15pm, ages 6+

Ever wanted to learn how to sword fight or be the jedi you have always dreamed of being? If so, this is the class for you! Fencing is an addictive, fun, high intensity sport which involes sword fighting with rules, that determine who scores and who does not! The beginner class teaches the basic fundamentals to fencing and how you can use them to manipulate and defeat your opponent. Once I have determined you are qualified to handle your own amongst fellow enemies, I will move you into the advanced class, in wich I will prepare you for competition as well as showing you in depth tricks of the trade to becoming a master swordsman!

Instructor: Ryan Howell

Contact: 513-704-8933

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What equipment is used? Mask, glove, jacket and practice blade

What blade do you teach? Foil. There are 3 different weapons in fencing - foil, sabre and epee. I believe foil is the foundation for all 3 weapons.

How safe is it? Fencing is very safe! Equipment covers and protects you.

How many kids are there in a class? There will be no more than 20 kids in one class to ensure safety and individual attention.

What do I wear? Gym shoes (nothing open toe or slip on) and clothes that are easy to move in.

Do I need prior experience? Absolutely not! beginners are always welcome

How will my child benefit from this sport? Fencing improves hand-eye coordination, balance, timing, strength, and reflex management.


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