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Facility Rentals

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Kids First Sports Center is unique in the USA for having so many children’s venues under one, very large, 2 1/2 acre roof.

But did you know that many areas of Kids First are available to rent for private organizations, clubs and teams?

The Kids First Conference Center:

A 26’ x 45’ meeting room complete with tables and seating for approximately 50 people.


  • Flexible seating layouts
  • LCD projector
  • Overhead projector
  • Dynamic sound system
  • TV/DVD rolling cart
  • Ultra fast fibre-optic internet connection
  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet ports
  • Dedicated phone line for teleconferencing
  • White board & cork board
  • Reception area
  • Independent HVAC unit
  • On-site catering available from our Cafe

It’s a class room, a conference room, board room or training room (and it’s even hosted a baby shower!)

Call Julie Halusek at 513.489.7575

Kids First’s Storm Zone

A 52’ x 90’, 5166 sf enclosed field with a spring floor section as well as a carpeted foam padded floor area. Also featuring a tiled viewing area bleacher seating for 100 spectators.

Ideal for drills and skills classes for sports or anytime a lightly padded surface is needed for safer indoor activity.

The Kids First Multi-Use Center

A large, rectangular, 26’ x 90’ room with a multitude of applications


  • The large tile floor can easily converted to carpeted foam padding.
  • Chairs and tables can easily be added with seating for up to 80 in a multitude of seating layouts.
  • Can be partitioned into four open rooms
  • Wi Fi internet connection.
  • One mirrored wall.
  • On-site catering available from our Cafe.

Call Julie Halusek at 513.489.7575

The Kids First Cultural Arts Room

This room is ideal for a small classroom style feel, but can also be used for dance, workouts, yoga, or other low impact activities.


  • Easy clean up padded vinyl flooring.
  • One mirrored wall.
  • Drinking fountain
  • Back storage closet with wet sink and mirror

The Kids First Kiosk

There are a couple different spaces located throughout Kids First that are perfect for your marketing booth.
There are three Kiosk options, the Entrance Kiosk, the Elevator Kiosk, or a single 8ft table in the building.

The Entrance Kiosk Features:

  • 1, 2, or 3 8ft tables included
  • No electricity
  • Only available Monday-Friday

The Elevator Kiosk Features:

  • 1 or 2 8ft tables included
  • Electricity included
  • Available any day of the week

A single 8ft table is also available almost any where else in the building! Please contact Julie Halusek at 513.489.7575 for more information.

The Kids First Backyard

Wanting to plan a company picnic? Rent the Kids First Backyard! We have picnic tables with a covered patio and playground! We also have on-site catering available from our Cafe

Call Julie Halusek at 513.489.7575


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