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Metzger Business Training

Metzger Business Training

Kids First Sports Center is also the home for Metzger Business Training. Metzger Business Training provides life-changing entrepreneurial and management training camps for the kids’ sports and activities industry.

Whether you are a business owner, potential business owner, or a manager in the kids’ sports and activities industry, Metzger Business Training is prepared to equip this industry’s professionals with leadership strategies, organizational systems, and profit boosting techniques to help businesses grow and flourish. We teach industry professionals how and why we do the things that we do; how it works and why it works for us. It is our goal that each individual that participates in our training camps will take what they have learned back to their business and truly make it their own.

There are two divisions of MBT: Small Business Boot Camp and In The Trenches Training Camps (IT3 Camps). 

Boot Camp
The Small Business Boot Camp was founded in 1991, by Jeff Metzger (Founder, Senior Adviser of Kids First Sports Center) with the aspiration to share his challenges and successes with like-minded industry professionals. Since then, Boot Camp has enriched the lives of thousands of industry owners and managers from 50 states, 11 nations and 6 continents. There are countless Boot Camp success stories, many businesses doubling and tripling in size. It is no exaggeration to say that Boot Camp has changed and revolutionized the face of this unique and wonderful industry.

Boot Camp is hosted each May and November and is a 4-1/2 day, total immersion, life-changing business training experience for owners, managers and key decision-makers who strive to grow a profitable business that is driven by responsible and loyal employees who care as much as they do about their organization while making their mark on the industry.

The core strengths of the Boot Camp curriculum include leadership, marketing, organizational strategy, delegation, staff training, personal effectiveness and executive thinking skills. The curriculum is led by Jeff Metzger, who is joined by Jen Evans (KF President, Co-Owner), Megan Smith (KF Vice President, Co-Owner), Kim Tudor (KF Controller) and the Kids First Department Leaders.

IT3 Camps
In The Trenches Training Camps made their debut in 2013. They are dedicated to one specific Department and have one primary goal - to SIGNIFICANTLY and PERMANENTLY boost that specific Department’s vitality, enrollment and profit. IT3 Camps are intended for each business’s key person or key people–Managers, “Soon to be managers”– in a specific program or department.

IT3 Camps are held in a more intimate setting, where each attendee spends individualized time with our Executive Training Leaders Casey Campbell (Kids First Tumble Bees Department Leader), Jen Evans (Kids First President), Megan Smith (Kids First Vice President) and the Kids First Department Leader specified for each particular Camp.

There are numerous IT3 Camps available nearly every week in the calendar year! Each Camp is three days of total-immersion, in-the-trenches training including: curriculum & lesson planning, class and staff scheduling methods, systems & procedures, and various business modules: hiring, staff training, leadership, and strategic marketing.

IT3 Camps Offered

  • Academic Preschool
  • Back Office
  • Boys Recreational Gymnastics
  • Boys Competitive Gymnastics
  • Cheer
  • Front Office & Customer Service
  • Girls Recreational Gymnastics
  • Girls Competitive Gymnastics
  • Preschool Gymnastics
  • Summer Camps & Day Camps, Special Events
  • For more information please go to or contact Casey Campbell at or 513-489-7575.
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