The Swim School at Kids First

  • Learn to Swim at Hubbard Swim School!

    A quick bit about what we do at Hubbard. Our priority is to teach children starting as young as 4 weeks old to love and respect the water. We are committed to providing swim lessons that build confidence and teach water safety skills in a child centered environment.

  • Recap - Better AZ Video #6

    Hubbard Swim School featured on CBS 5 Better Arizona promoting safe swimming. This video is a recap of the series and a recollection of the safety tips shared by Bob Hubbard throughout the summer.

  • Marcus at Hubbard Swim

    Check out this awesome video of Marcus swimming at our Phoenix location! You're seeing correctly -- Marcus only has one arm. Even though he was born without his right arm, he is able to swim across our pool, roll over and even swim the major strokes on his own -- at age three!

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